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3101, 2014

2014 – Wi-Fi.HK

WTIA and Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO) launched Wi-Fi.HK, a common Wi-Fi brand established to facilitate the public and visitors in locating and accessing the free public

2501, 2005

2005 – Launching of Wireless Services Value Chain Cooperation (WSVCC) platform

WTIA established the Wireless Services Value Chain Cooperation (WSVCC) platform in the Pearl River Delta of Mainland China in 2005. Content localization services equipped with hardware and technical

801, 2005

2005 – Launching of 3G Cyberport Project

Supported by Office of the Government Chief Information Officer (OGCIO), Cyberport and local 3G network operators, WTIA launched the 3G Cyberport Project. The Project consisted of awards, training, f

101, 2005

2005 – The 1st WTIA SMS Donation Campaign

WTIA and Internet Professionals Association (iProA) partnered with mobile network operators in Hong Kong to launch an SMS Donation Campaign, and raised HK $2 million for the victims of 2004 Indian Oc

3001, 2003

2003 – WTIA Partner with PISA to Conduct WLAN War Driving in Hong Kong

WTIA collaborated with Professional Information Security Association (PISA) to conduct War Driving survey for evaluating the strength of security measures performed by WLAN users in Hong Kong, and ra

1501, 2003

2003 – The 1st WTIA Awards: J2ME Open 2003

Aimed to encourage development of wireless applications for consumers and enterprises, the contest J2ME Open 2003 was organized by WTIA. Over 300 teams participated the contest.

101, 2003

2003 – Opening of Hong Kong Wireless Development Centre at Cyberport

With support of HKSAR Government, Cyberport and more than 30 corporations, WTIA established the Hong Kong Wireless Development Centre (WDC) to showcase Hong Kong’s latest development and advancement

101, 2002

2002 – The 1st WTIA Panel Discussion: Inter-Operator SMS

Representatives of mobile network operators discussed the feasibility of transmitting SMS between different operators in the panel discussion of Wireless Technology Forum organized by WTIA in 2002.

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