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Hong Kong ICT Startup Award 2022 aims at discovering and recognising the outstanding local ICT startup companies which focus on software, hardware and social innovation areas and, reward their distinguished development based on their growth, innovation, creativity, functionality, market potential and performance. Grand Award Winner will be selected in each category. An “Award of the Year” will be selected from the eight Grand Awards by the Grand Judging Panel.


The Tech to Connect Series (The Series), supported by the General Support Programme, concentarte on the latest development of the cutting edged fifth Generation (5G) wireless network and Internet of Things (IoT). This series attempts to enhance the public awareness of the importance of the utilization of 5G and IoT technologies by organising a series of interactive events, including 12 industries-oriented technical workshops, 2 major Tech to Connect seminars and a grand conference.


In the Innovation and Technology Festival for Secondary School Students (The Festival), there are 5 major themes including Artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, Big Data, Cloud Computing and Open Data. List of innovative events embodies our core competence of imagination, problem-solving, creativity, logical reasoning, critical thinking and usage of data. Through the joint efforts of more than 15 partners and units, The Festival have developed 45+ unique and fantastic programmes.

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